Letter From The President

Dear Coaches, Parents, and Friends of Metro Youth Sports:
I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the contribution you have made to the success of Metro Youth Sports programs and activities over the past 43 years. I want you to know that you are appreciated more than words and awards could possibly express.

In the beginning, (1974) it was the mission for Metro Sports to make a difference in the city of Fort Wayne. Our vision was to provide a organized volunteer sports program for the children who lived in the central part of the city. We wanted to provide character-building experiences for the children who participated in the sports program to "be the best they can be, to become the captain of their ships, and the master of their fates."

Our creator teaches us "It is not what we get in life, but what we give." Hopefully our contributions will help our children to understand the realities of life. In order to be a good student-athlete they must work hard to achieve their goals in life, especially to get a good education, and enjoy having fun participating in the Metro Youth Sports Programs.

Mr. James Winter - Metro Youth Sports President

Metro Administration

James Winters, President
Phone:  (260) 414-7055
Email:  mys_jwinters@yahoo.com

Tom Macon, Founder/Treasurer
Phone:  (260) 446-7298
Email:  coachmacon@yahoo.com

Peter Hill, Operations Manager
Phone:  (260) 515-9720
Email:  peterhill1974@gmail.com

Sunny Jackson, Cheerleader Commissioner
Phone:  (260) 602-6868
Email:  sunnymetroyouthsportsinc@gmail.com