Metro Youth Sports Vision

Kids in Action!! Kids Having Fun!!

Our vision is to provide an organized volunteer supervised sports program for youth whose ages range from 7 to 12 years of age.

To provide leadership for the youth to demonstrate constructive use of leisure time for personal, social, and psychological development.

Youth who participate in Metro Youth Sports are:

  1. Less likely to be involved in gang-related activity.
  2. Setting and reaching realistic personal goals in their physical development.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship in competitive activities.
  4. Demonstrate a positive self-concept.


  1. To develop a sense of mutual and self-respect, trust and effective communication between the youth, league leadership, school officials, and the community as a whole
  2. To provide leadership experiences and adult role models, which will enable the youth to personally recognize and develop to their fullest potential.
  3. To assist in upgrading the quality of the environment within their community
  4. To develop positive attitudes between youth, family members, peers, and the community.
  5. Parental involvement. 
  6. Training clinics for coaches.


  1. To provide informal counseling by becoming familiar with the needs and capacities of the participating youth and to encourage each to develop constructive ways to meet their needs.
  2. To provide a program designed to assist the participating youth and other family members to stay healthy by providing health and wellness information.
  3. To assist the youth in the development of more positive attitudes toward school.
  4. To promote the development of community acceptable behavior among the youth and promote the practice of good personal health and safety habits.
  5. To promote the development of school and cultural interest and citizenship awareness and appreciation. 
  6. To offer all eligible youth the opportunity to participate in a supervised program.
  7. Observe Academic Monday's no practice on Monday's study tables are available at the Boys & Girls Club and the Fort Wayne Urban and on some team levels.
  8. To provide training clinics for coaches yearly
  9. Get parents involved in the Study Table and communication with the coaches.

Other agencies providing programs and services to the youth participating in Metro Youth Sports' Programs are: 


Measuring Our Results

At Metro Youth Sports, we believe that tracking the results of our program and making informed decisions, based upon these results, is the best way to improve our program. We will document the following outcomes and utilize the measurement tools as indicated to determine the success of our program:

  1. Outcome: Students will participate in daily team practices and Academic Monda's once a week.
  2. Measurement Tools: Coaches will carefully track attendance of team practice and Study Tables.
  3. Outcome: Students will have greater self-confidence.
    Measurement Tools: We will measure the outcome of our programs by conducting are and post-program interviews and surveys that address issues such as self-esteem, academic confidence, and peer concerns. We will use a survey tool that has a component tailored to Metro Youth Sports' age-group. Results of these surveys will guide our program as we work to better serve our children, parents and community.

Program Implementation:

Metro Youth Sports will provide academic reading football, cheerleading, and basketball programs for the youth who live in the city of Fort Wayne and Allen County. The programs will involve 1,000 student athletes who will pay a sliding-scale fee to register for the program. The registration fee will include the student athletic scholarships in order to participate in all Metro Youth Sports' Programs.

Metro Youth Sports' Programs are well known in the community; marketing is conducted through social media, word of mouth, and via our website. Each year our numbers increase.

Listed below are our fees:

Football & Basketball fees:
$80 – 1 Child
$140 – 2 Children
$180 – 3 Children
$40 – For Each Additional Child

Cheerleading Fee:
$65 – Per Child